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Questions Answered About Virtual Exams Before Reopening

Hi everyone!

We wanted to write a follow-up in response to some of the questions we received after our initial communication regarding some of our new policies and procedures. We want you to know that we appreciate your questions and we are doing everything to make sure that we provide the best and safest environment for everyone; staff and patients alike!

Our recent post highlighted several newly implemented protocols that our office adopted in order to meet, and exceed, the stipulations as outlined in the revised state mandate.

The Dental Monitoring equipment we use for virtual consultations is a fantastic resource for patients for reasons that extend beyond the scope of the current global circumstance. In some cases, it virtually eliminates the need for in-person progress visits, saving our patients and their families valuable time and energy that would have been spent on visits where no adjustments were necessary.

Our plan before the state mandate was to begin a phase-in procedure that included the DM equipment as part of the standard package for all cases in the coming months. That being said, our timetable was accelerated quite a bit when the pandemic hit. We understand that the patient cost is unexpected and brings, in some cases, an unwelcome disruption. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 

Before the new policies were adopted at our office we weighed several possibilities. Because many orthodontic practices are implementing similar procedures across the country,  we requested and DM agreed to supply the equipment at wholesale cost to our patients.  This does require an additional payment  right now to order the equipment from DM. 

We find it unconscionable to put any of our patient’s health at risk or place new financial constraint with the added equipment, so if you would like us to add the cost onto the end of your treatment, you may purchase this equipment directly from us with no additional payment until the very end of your plan.

During this time, Dr. Cooper is connecting with all patients virtually through the Dental Monitoring app. This allows Dr. Cooper to review your progress weekly, plan for future appointments and provide treatment updates through HIPAA compliant texting through the app portal. 

Currently, we are requesting that all patients utilize the Dental Monitoring app and submit scans  as prompted through the app by Dr. Cooper so that we can track your progress. Once scans are submitted, our clinical staff will review them  with Dr. Cooper and respond within 2 business days of receiving the scan. After review, if it is determined a clinical appointment is needed, our staff will contact you to schedule your next appointment. With Dental Monitoring, our clinical staff can plan your in-office more effectively and use the reserved clinic time efficiently. 

Please be aware that, per our new distancing guidelines, we will only be able to schedule appointments once the digital criteria have been met by a patient. This will help us to better serve and prioritize the safety of everyone. We thank you in advance and apologize for any inconvenience.

 The Dental Monitoring kit is available for purchase and direct shipping online by clicking here. If you are needing the activation link for Dental Monitoring please contact our office so we can set up your profile. Please click the link for  more information on  how to use your DM ScanBox

We encourage you to use electronic communication, such as Dental Monitoring and virtual conferences in place of in-person visitation whenever possible. However, if you do feel an exception is needed, please feel free to give our office a call.

Stay safe!

Dr. Cooper and Team


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