“I have been so pleased with every aspect of Cooper Orthodontics from the initial consultation to each appointment that I have had. Dr. Cooper has wonderful staff that are very welcoming and efficient! I currently have lingual braces (braces on the back of my teeth) and I have been so pleased! I also have used the AccelDent that Dr. Cooper recommended, and I have seen the treatment go so much faster than I expected. Dr. Cooper always gives background of what she is doing as she is working on your teeth which I really appreciate too. I highly recommend Cooper Orthodontics! You will not be disappointed!”
– Gretch T.
“As a 27 year old, single male, I was hesitant to go through with braces of any sort. Dr. Cooper helped alleviate this hesitation. Her and her staff have been extremely helpful and professional, and have made my orthodontic experience a very easy one. I would highly recommend Dr. Cooper and her team to anyone in a similar situation!”
– Taylor Y.
“From the first time I walked into Dr. Cooper’s office, it was very clean and beautifully decorated. Her staff is very sweet and on top of everything. Dr. Cooper is very detailed in making sure my treatment is perfect! I have really enjoyed my time at Cooper Orthodontics. Thank you so much for making me feel like family!”
– Cheryl S
I am getting my invisalign done here, and I love it! The whole building is very modern and comfortable. They have very friendly staff, and have drinks and food in the waiting lobby. In the bathroom they have toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash for patients to brush their teeth before getting them checked. They have comfy sofas in the waiting area, and high tech equipment to give you the best care. I give Dr. Cooper 5 stars!!!”
– Mallory T.
“Dr. Cooper is the greatest! The office is really nice, located right off of Washington Ave so if you want to grab a quick bite before or after your adjustment, you’re in luck! (just don’t forget to brush!) Dr. Cooper and her staff are incredibly friendly and do a great job of explaining the process, what to expect, and her expectations of your treatment. She offers great payment plans during your treatment with an affordable down-payment to start. She also has super fancy equipment and tools to help with your treatment, like Acceledent! Definitely choose Dr. Cooper as your family ortho, she comes from a long line of orthodontists, so she really knows her stuff. ”
– Amanda B.
“I love all the ladies that work at Cooper Orthodontics, the entire staff is personal with me. I have seen significant results in my orthodontia process within a brief time period. Dr. Cooper is immensely knowledgeable in her practice and I know she is committed to bringing me satisfying results.”
– Jennifer D.
“I’ve been an Invisalign patient of Dr Cooper’s since April. She and her staff are a great team! She fully explains the plan and has worked closely with my dentist to make sure we have an optimal result. The office is beautifully done and very comfortable (for someone like me with a lot of anxiety about anything dental). I highly recommend her.”
– Beth L.

“Dr. Cooper has been a wonderful care provider for me. I had braces in high school, but never wore my retainer for my top teeth and the permanent retainer on my bottom teeth did not work.

I went to Dr. Cooper’s office for a consultation and after talking through the options, we decided on Invisalign. I went to the consultation probably about 6-7 months before my wedding and hoped to see results by then. I definitely would not recommend procrastinating this kind of treatment if you want to get something done before a certain deadline (like a wedding) but Dr. Cooper has been an absolute dream to work with.

She has worked with me to accelerate the process as much as possible. She has also done a wonderful job coordinating with my dentist since I obviously also procrastinated on the other things I wanted to get done (like whitening). I’m also going to be getting some veneers done prior to the wedding – right in the middle of my Invisalign treatment. Basically, I’m a pain in the butt of a patient because there are lots of things I wanted to get done in a very short timeline and they required a number of specialists. Oh and I work up in The Woodlands, so I have very limited times that I can make appointments.

Dr. Cooper and her team have been wonderful to work with throughout this process. They have been so flexible, so accommodating, and always so, so friendly! I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish nearly as much as I have been able to in preparation for my wedding if I weren’t seeing Dr. Cooper.”

– Margot S.


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