1 year after getting braces off:

Wear EVERY night

1-2 years after getting braces off:

Wear 5 nights/week

2-4 years after getting braces off:

Wear 3 nights/week

5 years-FOREVER:

Put retainer in your mouth 1 time per week. If it is snug, wear until loose.

Why do you need to wear your retainers the rest of your life? Shift happens…it is inevitable. Protect your investment by wearing your retainers.


To keep your retainers clean, brush them with soap (no microbeads or whitening agents) every morning. Toothpaste can be used, but the grittiness may wear down the plastic over time.

Soak your retainers periodically to keep them fresh. Suggested products:

  • Retainer Brite
  • Mouthwash or dental cleanser

Protective case:

Always keep retainers in its protective case when its not in your mouth.

Never wrap retainers in a napkin. You will forget about them and they are easily mistaken for trash and thrown away.

Never put your appliance in a pocket or your backpack where it may be bent, or even crushed.

Loss or Breakage:

If the retainers are damaged or broken, please contact the office right away. We can try to fix it, but replacement may be necessary.

There is a fee for lost or broken retainers. Without a retainer your teeth will relapse.


Keep retainers away from all animals-dogs, cats, etc. Animals like to eat things that smell like you.

Avoid Heat:

The appliance will melt or warpe if it gets hot.

Never leave it in a hot car or by a stove or other heater.

Never put retainer in boiling water. If it gets dirty, soak in alcohol.


Your retainers should feel like it fits your teeth if you are wearing them properly. They don’t change in size, but your teeth can shift making the retainer extremely tight. If you have any questions about how your retainer is fitting, feel free to schedule an appointment.

Follow-up Visits:

You will have an appointment 6 months after the active phase has completed. After this, call on an as needed basis. Please bring your retainers with you to every appointment. We need to check their fit and sometimes adjust/replace them.

Why Would Things Change?

There could be developments after the active phase of orthodontic treatment that will require other orthodontic treatments. Further orthodontic treatments are not included in your original fee. These deveopments include, but are not limited to:

  • jaw growth
  • health of teeth, roots, & gum structure – position of third molars
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