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Fashion and Lingual Braces

Fashion and Lingual Braces

A key element to fashion is not so much what you see, but what you don’t see. The magic of watching models strut down the runway in the latest trends of the season is mesmerizing, yet we oftentimes overlook the support that makes the beauty possible. Undergarments, seams, buttons, hair pins, hairspray… all these elements go unnoticed and yet, without them, would make for a very sloppy fashion show.

Teeth straightening is no exception to this rule. While there are more obvious treatment options, like braces, Cooper Orthodontics offers a treatment plan that fits subtly into fashion: Lingual braces.

What’s so special about lingual braces?

Dr. Cooper is one of a few orthodontists in Houston to offer lingual braces. The custom brackets are bonded to the insides of your teeth, so you’ll present your beautiful smile to everyone while all of the work goes on behind the scenes. These custom braces are uniquely designed for your teeth to provide comfortable rapid orthodontic treatment while keeping your smile front and center. Ask Dr. Cooper about combining AcceleDent with your lingual braces to complete your treatment even faster!

At Cooper Orthodontics, we want your experience to be comfortable through your whole treatment process. We start with taking a digital scan of your teeth (no more gunk!) then Dr. Cooper will create your custom treatment plan.  Finally, your brackets fabricated then placed on the back of your teeth. It’s simple, efficient, and just what you need to get your smile ready to wear every day!

To hear more about lingual braces and our September Special call our office today and schedule your free consultation at 832-925-8721 or visit our website at Cooper-orthodontics.com.