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Summer Survival Guide for Braces

Summer Survival Guide for Braces


Summer has finally arrived; now we can go out and sit by the pool, go on family vacations, summer camps, go to the park, and just relax outside in this beautiful weather.  Summer also brings about great foods and treats that we all look forward to enjoying each year. Cooper Orthodontics wants to make sure you are prepared for a long and exciting summer while still being mindful of your braces and oral care. There are some precautions that you can take beforehand to make sure that you are set up for success with your new smile.  Make sure to avoid certain treats so that there is no unnecessary damage to your braces. Here are a few steps that Cooper Orthodontics suggest to take on your long and adventures summer.


Schedule a Checkup

The summer is a great time to go on adventures and see new places. You may be going with your family to the mountains to camp and hike in the woods.  Maybe you’re going with your friends on an exotic trip across the ocean to a distant land. Before you do though the best course of action to take in making sure that your braces are ready for these exciting activities, is to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist.  Taking a look at the brackets and wiring of the braces to see if there needs to be any adjustments or replacements will help to keep your progress up to date and prevent any unforeseen problems. If you require a cleaning, be sure to do so as well.  Making sure that the progress with your braces is on track is very important and can prevent you from having to wear them for an extended time. This way your braces and oral care aren’t weighing on your mind while you’re on your summer adventures.


Planning Ahead

You’ve already started to pack for summer camp or an exciting vacation in another country.  While you may be ready to start off on your adventures, your braces may not be.  For those that are looking to be very active this summer time, we suggest getting a mouthguard.  This way when you’re jumping around in the pool or playing baseball with your friends, you know that your braces and teeth are safe. Also wearing braces can make daily oral care more tedious, but it is imperative not to neglect your oral care.  If not given the right amount of attention serious problems could manifest and even prolong the time needed to wear the braces.  We suggest making an oral care kit that consists of items to take care of and maintain your braces and oral hygiene.  Here is a list of things to keep with you:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Toothpicks or floss picks
  • Travel size mouthwash
  • Orthodontic wax in the chance you experience protruding wire discomfort.
  • Small hand held a mirror to give yourself on inspection in case something feels out of place.
  • An extra clear plastic aligner tray

These should take care of you during your summer travels, but just in case you have an emergency, you should get the name, phone number, and address of orthodontic offices in the place or places you are visiting.  If you do have an accident and are unable to get to an orthodontic office, make sure to visit your orthodontist as soon as possible to get the problem fixed so your braces can come off on schedule.  


Foods to Avoid


We know that now that it is summer you will be wanting to let loose and eat any and every food and treat that you can find.  You can still enjoy summer treats without causing damage to your braces and teeth.  You should still avoid sticky and hard foods/candies.  These can get stuck in the wires or even break a bracket, which means an early visit to the orthodontics office.  Other foods that you should be on the lookout for is corn on the cob, hard pretzels and popcorn.  You can have fruits such as apples, pears, and other harder fruits but make sure you cut them up into smaller wedges.  Also limiting the number of sugary foods and treats that you consume.  It is fun to have these all summer, but you must be mindful that maintaining your oral hygiene with your braces is very important over the summer break. You also want to prevent any cavities from forming and have to make an unscheduled trip to so the orthodontist. However, if you are going to indulge in some sugary sweets, be sure to brush and floss your teeth afterward.  Also drinking plenty of water will help keep your teeth, gums, and braces clean of food particles.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene


During your summer trips, it is sometimes hard to remember to take care of yourself. Sometimes you just want to sit on the lake and enjoy getting a nice suntan.  You know what goes great with a nice suntan is also a beautiful smile.  That’s why it is important to keep a consistent routine care for your braces and teeth.  That means brushing twice a day and flossing as well.  If you are going to enjoy some sugary snacks, be sure to brush and floss afterward.  But don’t indulge too much, we know it can be hard to keep track of your routine when traveling and staying up late with friends and family.  Maintaining a schedule of when to brush and floss will make your trip that much more enjoyable.  It is especially important if you are using Harmony lingual braces. Even though they are in the back of your teeth and out of site, it is important to keep them at the front of your mind and clean them just as diligently as any other braces.


The summer time is the best for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. So whether you are going on an exotic snorkeling trip to Cancun with your friends or you’re your child is off for a long and active summer camp, Cooper Orthodontics wants to make sure you are prepared for the adventures ahead.  So whether you are looking to get some new braces for your beautiful smile or just want have a checkup to make sure you’re on track, go ahead and schedule an appointment or free consultation with Cooper Orthodontics.  We would be happy to see you this summer holiday.

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