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How Dental Monitoring Makes Clear Aligner Treatment More Custom



This week Dr. Cooper went live talking about how Dental Monitoring makes clear aligner treatment more custom! Believe it or not Dental Monitoring is the future of orthodontics- so we might as well fully jump in now even though it can be a little confusing and different when you first start. Rest assured that the technology in Dental Monitoring (DM) is extremely accurate so not only are you getting smart technology treatment but Dr. Cooper is also looking at every case and photo sent in! That way, both you and our clinic can save a lot of time and you can ask Dr. Cooper questions virtually without trying to squeeze in a consultation! Come in less, be seen more often! That is what we love about DM. Here are a few more points why DM is so helpful for both our patients and clinic:

– Fewer in-office appointments but more observations by Dr. Cooper, we are actually reviewing photos one on one with the clinical assistant and Dr. Cooper.


– We evaluate photos and determine if there are any “unseats” (that means that the aligner is not fitting snug on a tooth) if there are unseats, we can draw a picture on the photo of exactly where the patient needs to use chewies. Chewies are little things we give out for patients to chew on that help the aligners fit better. 


– There is a dynamic aligner change that has a built in “AI” that Dr. Cooper has programmed. This can actually detect things that the human eye cannot making your tooth movement the most accurate possible.  You can only have so many unseats or you can’t switch to your next aligners. But if a patient is correctly wearing their aligner then they can switch every 1-2 weeks. 


– DM sends us a message if a patient gets a “GO” or a “NO-GO” with switching aligners and that we can know exactly how the patient’s progress is going.


– There is a protocol we have that alerts us when a patient is almost out of there aligners so we can either get the patient scheduled for an observation, scan, or debond appointment, or we can make additional trays.


– Patients can message us immediately and send in a photo if there is any issue with the aligners and we can either get started on making another, ordering another or letting pt know if it is not that bad they can continue to wear until they switch to their next aligner. 


– If a patient keeps having a “NO-GO” message, we can decide if we need to add attachments and already have the attachment aligner ready for their next appointment. 


– A patient can scan in at any time, they do not have to wait for the AI generated message. For instance, we have a patient that sends us pics all the time asking questions about certain things and instead of waiting when they are asked to scan every 7 days, they scan immediately so we can get back in touch with them faster. 


All in all, we are so glad to have Dental Monitoring as an option at our office as we are confident that it gives our patients the best possible care in the orthodontic treatment world! DM has revolutionized how we run our clinic and how our patients view their treatment. We know your time is valuable and we don’t want to add another time consuming doctor visit to add to your list!


When we went live with this topic, Dr. Cooper showed the DM kit and showed step by step how it works! You can watch that video on our facebook page by clicking here


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