Dr. Cooper Talks Virtual Medicine in the Time of Covid 19 with Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser

January 7, 2021

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On this episode of the Bryn Cooper Show, Dr. Cooper interviews Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser of Houston’s PurePediatrics a home concierge pediatrician service. Her goal is to change the way children, adolescents and young adults receive medical care through personalized medicine, integrative wellness and a healthy dose of prevention. Learn how Dr. Alana’s practice uses tecnhology to engage their patients in new and innovative ways.

Listen on Dr. Cooper’s podcast here.

Interesting quotes from this interview:

“I loved what I did, but at the same time I saw a lack of preventive care – meaning I felt like we got really good in medicine and disease management in treating, but we haven’t stopped to say, why did this happen? Or are there things that we can do to help prevent some of the illnesses we see later? And I really do believe all of that starts from infancy.” – Dr. Alana

“My child is in treatment with her and the first thing she said was, make sure you’re feeding her the right things and that will take care of a lot. And sleep – the eating and the sleeping. Take care of those two things and a lot of other things will fall into place.” – Dr. Cooper

“I think parents think, are these baby visits important? And they’re actually really critical. We really need to make sure that the baby’s brain is growing perfectly. We never want to see a head circumference falling off a curve, for example. We also want to see that babies are thriving in their environment and they are getting proper nutrition. Gut health is very important and overuse of antibiotics is a huge problem. And I think minimizing the overuse of antibiotics is key as well to keeping kids ultimately healthy.” – Dr. Alana

“In our practice, I basically took everything I didn’t like about going to the doctor and changed it. I didn’t like small waiting rooms. I didn’t like small exam rooms. So our office is set up with a very nice waiting room, my actual office is large, we have a table for the kiddos, I have a desk and I have a couch. So the patients then come into the office because we might be sitting there for an hour. But by the end of the hour, we know the family pretty well at that point. And they feel comfortable calling you in the middle of the night and waking you up. My only rule is you never worry alone.” – Dr. Alana


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