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Cooper Orthodontics Technology – A Staff’s Perspective

Cooper Orthodontics Technology – A Staff’s Perspective.

After working in orthodontics for over 24 years, I have seen many advances in technology – most of which is pretty cool stuff! One example is Invisalign, the clear, removable braces that straighten your teeth. This concept was only a dream 20 years ago. Now, millions of people are wearing Invisalign all over the world and loving it, all due to computer-aided technology.

Despite my experience, I am still learning new ways to straighten teeth. My favorite piece of technology at Cooper Orthodontics is the iTero scanner. This high-tech scanner has been used for more than 2.7 million orthodontic scans, half of which are for Invisalign treatments. This intra-oral (inside the mouth) scanner replaces the annoying, gooey impressions (some doctors call them molds) of teeth by taking high definition images of your teeth with precision. It then displays the image of your teeth on a touch screen. You can actually interact with the 3D image of your teeth with just the touch of a finger. It’s that easy!

Once your scan is complete and there is a crisp image (27% more accurate than an impression!), we upload it to different labs who create your unique orthodontic appliances. For instance, when a patient chooses Invisalign, we send your scan, along with Dr. Cooper’s custom treatment plan, to their lab.  The lab technicians create a simulation of your tooth movement based on Dr. Cooper’s instructions.  She works until satisfied that the treatment will create a beautiful result.

Learning to scan with the iTero was easy and comfortable for patients. Cooper Orthodontics is not only a fun place to work but an environment where innovative technology is making orthodontic care better for staff and patients alike.


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