Orthodontist or Dentist? When It’s Time For Braces, Who Is Better?

It’s not unusual for both dentists and orthodontists to have patients question what the difference is between our two professions. Many people incorrectly assume that the two are more or less interchangeable. While there are a number of similarities between general dentistry and orthodontics, there are also a significant number of differences that set them […]

5 Reasons to Love Invisalign

You’d likely be hard-pressed to find anyone among us who doesn’t desire a healthy, straight smile. However, for one reason or another, many people end up with misaligned or crooked teeth, which can be a problem for overall oral health as well as a knock to their self-confidence. Fortunately, a wide variety of orthodontic treatments are now available for […]

What is Orthodontics? How can it help me?

Orthodontics: What and Why? When it comes to the dental profession, there can be a bit of confusion about what exactly different titles mean. This is completely understandable, since we share many common goals. Most centrally, each branch strives to keep people healthy and happy with the way they look and feel. We begin to diverge […]

Actual Patient Talks About Cooper Orthodontics

Hear an actual patient talk about Cooper Orthodontics. How she traveled far so she could have her treatment with Dr. Bryn Cooper.  Thank you for your confidence in us!!  

Our Incredible Patient!

Cooper Orthodontics is so proud of our incredible patient that we wanted to share his success with everyone! Watch the video to learn more about how this fearless boy who was born with a heart condition, ran a Houston Half Marathon. Way to go Jackson!                     […]


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