Cooper Orthodontics’ Annual Toy Drive

Cooper Orthodontics’ Annual Toy Drive   Have you donated a toy yet for Toys for Tots?🎄🎁 Just a few days left! Donate a new toy, book, or game to help the kids of our community have a more joyful holiday season by Monday, December 7. Boxes are located here at Cooper Orthodontics, and at the […]

Anti-Body Testing Results and Information

    Hello! This week we went live on our Instagram page (cooperorthodonticsinc) about the anti-body testing. Our office staff was tested a couple weeks ago and we wanted to share about our experience and what we learned from getting this test done! We opened the floor for questions from our viewers and here are […]

The Everlane of Straight Teeth: Episode 4

The Everlane of Straight Teeth: Episode 4 We are going to cover a range of topics, that converge to the introduction of an idea I have been thinking about for a while.  First, I will talk about an update on insurance reimbursement and how I think that is affecting the dental care available.  Then, I […]

The Everlane of Straight Teeth: Episode 3

The Everlane of Straight Teeth: Episode 3 On Episode 1 of The Everlane of Straight Teeth, we discussed how orthodontists look at pricing. On Episode 2, we looked at how insurance companies break down pricing.  On Episode 3, we will discuss third party financing. Third Party Financing When you pay with Care Credit or Lending […]

Orthodontic Treatment Options – Which Braces are Best?

Orthodontic Treatment Options. Learn about the variety of braces options available and deciding which one is best for you can be tough. In today’s podcast, Dr. Cooper discusses four options for orthodontic treatment and outlines what kind of issues you should consider before you have to make a choice. Fortunately, Dr. Cooper has used all four treatments and lets you decide which option works best for you. […]

Retainers – What Type Works

Retainers – What Type Works?   Check out Dr. Cooper’s first ever podcast! We want to know what questions you might have about orthodontics! Submit your questions on the Contact Us page or ask us when you come visit us.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Orthodontic Emergencies Whether you’re an old pro when it comes to orthodontic treatment, or anxiously awaiting your first adjustment appointment, it’s important to be aware of the minor issues that can sometimes pop up with braces. Many of these common orthodontic “emergencies” can be handled easily at home, but there are times a genuine orthodontic emergency may […]

Orthodontic Health Month

Why is dental hygiene health so important? Most of us are aware that poor dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad breath – but not brushing your teeth could also have consequences for more serious illnesses. Did you know that there is a link between poor dental hygiene and heart disease? Bacteria from […]

Put on Pink for October at Cooper Orthodontics

Did you know that 1 in 8 Women and 1 in 1000 Men will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime? Those are large numbers! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In support, Dr. Cooper and her team are sponsoring, “Put on Pink“.   What’s Involved?  Dr. Cooper and her team will […]

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