Lingual Braces

Concerned your pearly white teeth will be obscured by metal braces? Clear braces still show more than you’d like? Afraid you’ll lose an aligner or two during clear tray treatment? If you answered yes to any of those questions, lingual braces may be the solution.
Dr. Cooper’s Comprehensive Guide to Clear Trays

Dr. Cooper is proud to offer InBrace lingual braces. With InBrace, custom placement of small brackets on the inside of your teeth mean that the only thing visible to everyone will be your beautiful smile while all of the work goes on “behind the scenes.”

The wires are a special material that are custom bent so that you can even floss normally while these wires work.  Each wire will stay activated for a minimum of 12 weeks.  Wires keep working hard while you go about your life and see the orthodontist every 12-16 weeks. 

Rest assured that Dr. Cooper is keeping an eye on your progress every 2 weeks with at-home monitoring.  You will use cheek retractors and a scan box with your smartphone to take pictures of your teeth so that when you are ready for the next step Dr. Cooper will know  and will advise you on the next steps in your treatment. 

You will start to see results right away with noticeable differences in the first 6 months.  Pst..the blue bumps are called bite turbos and keep patients from biting off their brackets.  They are used with braces on the inside or outside of the teeth. 

The first 2-4 weeks with any braces are the worst! After this adjustment period it will feel normal to have these appliances in your mouth.

Care for braces on the inside and outside is almost the same.

See our Guide to Braces for helpful tips and tricks.  The biggest difference between lingual and buccal braces is that you are able to floss normally with these lingual wires while normal buccal braces require the use of super-floss or a floss threader.


All the foods that can cause bracket breakage on the outside can also cause bracket breakage on the inside.  The list of foods to avoid, modify, and suggested foods are all here too.

If you have any questions that this page or the Guide to Braces do not address, the best thing to do is message us on the Dental Monitoring App with a scan so Dr. Cooper and her clinical team can see what is happening inside your mouth.


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