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Dr. Cooper & Her Team Test Out Several DIY Mouth Guards

On this episode of the Bryn Cooper Show, Dr. Cooper and her team try out several DIY mouth guards and provide insight into which is the best at providing protection and optimal functionality for sports.

How Cooper Orthodontics Uses Indirect Bonding to Speed Up Appliance Application

Watch Lydia, our treatment coordinator, explain how we use the indirect bonding method to speed up application time for a variety of our orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Cooper FAQ: Why Can’t We Move My Wire Size Up Faster?

On this brief but informative episode of the Bryn Cooper Show, Dr. Cooper discusses the intricacies of why moving to a different wire size before your teeth are ready is not an option for effective orthodontic treatment.  Listen to this audio on our podcast here. Watch the video on our Youtube channel here.

Cooper Orthodontics Dental Monitoring System How-To Video

On this episode of the Bryn Cooper Show Treatment Coordinator and RDA Lydia walks us through how to use the innovative dental monitoring system that Cooper Orthodontics patients can use at home when their schedule best permits to ensure effective treatment no matter how hectic life gets. 

The Bryn Cooper Show: Pregnancy & Orthodontia – Should You Wait?

Join us for another episode of the Bryn Cooper Show where Dr. Cooper talks about pregnancy and orthodontia. Should you wait to get orthodontic treatment until after you are done having children? Watch this brief yet informative discussion by Dr. Bryn Cooper to find out the answer.  Watch our video on YouTube: Listen to our […]

Cooper Orthodontics Office Tour

Watch the office tour on YouTube: Take a walk through our centrally located office on Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas with a tour lead by none other than the one-and-only Dr. Bryn Cooper. Tour includes a peak at our state of the art technology and behind the scenes in our work area. Subscribe to our […]

Dr. Cooper Talks Virtual Medicine in the Time of Covid 19 with Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser

Watch on Dr. Kennedy-Nasser’s Facebook Live: On this episode of the Bryn Cooper Show, Dr. Cooper interviews Dr. Alana Kennedy-Nasser of Houston’s PurePediatrics a home concierge pediatrician service. Her goal is to change the way children, adolescents and young adults receive medical care through personalized medicine, integrative wellness and a healthy dose of prevention. Learn how Dr. […]

The Bryn Cooper Show: Dr. Cooper Talks the Covid-19 Vaccine

Watch Dr. Cooper Discuss on Our IG Live via our YouTube channel: Listen & Subscribe to our Podcast on Anchor: Welcome to another episode of The Bryn Cooper Show! Today we’re doing a topic that I think is interesting: the COVID-19 vaccination. My first master’s is in microbiology, so I worked with bacteria and fungus […]

The Bryn Cooper Show Featuring Dr. Caroline Long of West U Wellness

Watch the video on YouTube: Listen to the audio on our podcast, The Bryn Cooper Show: Read the transcript of our interview below: C: Welcome to another episode of the Bryn Cooper Show! I am super excited that we have Dr. Caroline Long here. Caroline, why don’t you tell us a little bit about who […]

Cooper Orthodontics’ Annual Toy Drive

Cooper Orthodontics’ Annual Toy Drive   Have you donated a toy yet for Toys for Tots?🎄🎁 Just a few days left! Donate a new toy, book, or game to help the kids of our community have a more joyful holiday season by Monday, December 7. Boxes are located here at Cooper Orthodontics, and at the […]


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